Tier1 Prospector & Data

 Advanced CRM prospecting and intelligence capabilities.

Tier1 Prospector, in partnership with Refinitiv, offers advanced CRM prospecting and intelligence capabilities into various attributes on accounts and contacts, and details into ownership/ holdings.

Streamline your sales and data processes to make more impactful first calls into new accounts, armed with critical information from contact profiles and holdings data.


Key Features & Benefits

Single-Click Access to Ownership and Holdings Data within the CRM Experience

Ownership data is perhaps the most frequently accessed third-party data source to support Capital Markets CRM activity. Tier1’s Desktop Ownership Cube integrates both institutional and fund-level holdings within CRM workflow.

  • Ownership data, in addition to 13(f) Filings, is obtained from the widest range of publicly available sources across the globe.
  • Segment results on-the-fly by user defined criteria including Sector, Industry, Ticker, or Market Cap.

A cloud database with up-to-date financial data sourced from leading financial providers

Stale contact data inhibits CRM adoption and leads to countless missed revenue opportunities. Tier1 leverages Refinitiv’s research experts dedicated to capturing changes across 30,000 Institutional Investors.

  • Import and matching tools sync Refinitiv data into CRM to execute controlled updates when necessary.
  • Keep mundane but essential investor details current such as employment changes, emails, coverage, and phone numbers.

Investor Targeting Application – Identify New Prospector - Expand Client Connections

Prospector’s sophisticated filtering selects investors based on the metrics most important to solution for today’s priority down to the Portfolio Management Decision-Maker level.

  • Generate targeted lists using advanced search criteria to identify the right investors based on today’s opportunity.
  • Provides access to 30,000 plus institutions, key decision-makers, and their ownership positions in 70,000 plus securities.

Personalized Dossiers - Take the Value of an Investor Tear Sheet a Step Further

Incorporate CRM interactions to create personalized dossiers inclusive of proprietary company-wide activity with each investor.

  • Leverages Refinitiv’s industry-leading data — review bios for contacts and firm-level descriptions for institutions — along with buy/sell activity, ownership by sector and region, and investment styles for 30,000 institutions.
  • Utilize Tier1’s list management capabilities to create Investor Packs at the click of a button for meetings, roadshows, and events.
  • Prep Company Executives with a new level of insight by combining both public and private intelligence into one Investor Dossier.

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