Increase Client Mindshare and Walletshare with SS&C Tier1

Gain a competitive edge and accelerate your relationships using leading sell side technology built into a capital markets CRM. Making smarter, faster and more profitable decisions comes from understanding your clients better. Tier1 empowers research, sales, trading and banking teams to maximize revenue by proactively managing client relationships at the speed of digital.

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Prompt insights fueled by data-driven intelligence to drive revenue generating interactions.

Advanced and sophisticated workflows to capitalize on new opportunities with timely engagements, while mitigating relationship and regulatory risk.

Whether it’s marketing research, corporate access events or simply managing valued relationships, a capital markets specific CRM facilitates all critical path needs for successful execution.

Insights to Prompt Engagement

The right move at the right time.

Tier1’s sell-side Core CRM solution combines critical interaction tracking workflow, market data, and proprietary institutional knowledge, to provide insights for equity research, sales and trading professionals.

Gain access to intelligence that informs your next best action to yield revenue generating results. Learn more about how to allocate your resources efficiently utilizing data-driven intelligence to inform your client profitability analysis here.

Intelligence to Drive Revenue

Uncover untapped revenue and new business opportunities with our sell-side technology.

Gain powerful insights and intelligence into your existing clients as well as prospecting for new business. Execute on a dual strategy simultaneously tracking your profitability with clients making sure you are prioritizing key activities and opportunities as well as aligning your resources accordingly.

Advanced Corporate Access Execution

Optimize every event, every time.

Tier1 Events is the premier sell-side Corporate Access platform delivering comprehensive event workflows integrated tightly with your proprietary relationship information and market data, to maximize the outcome of your events.

Collaborate seamlessly across desks on all event types for your corporate coverage, analysts, and clients. Take advantage of streamlined workflows accommodating logistical planning and execution.

Next Generation Automation

Don’t leave revenue on the table by manually tracking your activities and interactions.

Take advantage of our Consumption Reporting Solution which not only seamlessly aggregates your interaction data per client, but simultaneously checks against the acceptable formats per aggregator and separates those interactions not fully compliant or complete, to be rectified before submission.

Efficiently monitor your coverage, automate your prioritization, and execute effortlessly across your targets using data-driven intelligence.

Reduce Risk

Manage compliance obligations and relationship risk.

The equity research, sales and trading industry’s ever-changing regulatory landscape requires adaptable software solutions. Engage with Tier1’s research and corporate access tools to manage your MiFID II requirements.

Mitigate relationship risk with proper automated services to monitor your engagements, resource allocation, and track against any internal profitability goals.

Tier1’s sell-side CRM platform is consistently evolving to accommodate your competitive and regulatory needs. The platform at its core delivers critical functionality per desk and accommodates cross sell opportunities.

Don't Miss Opportunities While Out of the Office

Even when traveling or remote.

Make informed decisions in real time while keeping your coverage teams and management in the loop through instantaneous voice-to-text.

Tier1’s mobile app allows you to prepare on-the-go for conversations and meetings, and act on critical information immediately, increasing your productivity and output. Leverage your Capital Markets CRM anytime, anywhere, to seamlessly communicate timely information to your colleagues.

Tier1's Express Solution

For equity research, sales and trading professionals in need of a ready to go platform.

Check out our express solution. Designed by market experts, our Tier1 Express Solution provides you with the best in breed modular CRM in just weeks with no IT expertise needed.


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The complete, connected CRM solution for 100+ users at the enterprise institution.


Tier1 Core is the foundation for all client relationship management activities including Client Center to manage contacts and interaction for Research, Sales and Trading; and Deals for Investment Banking to support business development, profile new opportunities, advance pipeline stages, and orchestrate tasks.

Tier1 Consumption Reporting is an operational platform that allows you to track all interaction types by client such as emails, calls, research resdership, analyst models, and corporate zccess meeting and other interaction type necessary for the broker vote submission. Tier1 Consumption Reporting module supports maximum payment for each buy-side interaction while saving hours of administrative time by replacing manual workflows.

Tier1 Mobile is the award-winning cloud-based capital markets and banking solution for your smartphone or tablet that mirrors the capabilities and functionality of Tier1’s core desktop application.

Tier1 Prospector provides robust views of and access to data of accounts, contacts, and funds based on your ideas, research, events, product and deals using sophisticated criteria to deliver the right information at the right time.

Tier1 for Outlook is an advanced add-in providing seamless access and synching to the CRM tool and data, enabling users to perform common tasks directly within their email.

Tier1 Events is an advanced event management tool designed to accommodate corporate access, analyst and deal roadshows and is seamlessly integrated with your trusted CRM data and reporting needs.

Tier1 Ethical Wall Security empowers clients to adhere to complex compliance regulations while leveraging Capital Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking tailored workflows.

Access the best-in-class research distribution via Tier1’s partner plug-ins available from Blue Matrix and CIA Omnigage.

Enhanced support is included. Learn more about our support packages.

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