The New Fixed-Income Frontier

The Fixed-Income market is undergoing significant changes due to various economic, technological, and regulatory factors.

Form fill below to see how dealers on the sell-side are contributing to liquidity and the technological advancements they are considering.

We were proud to contribute to this whitepaper from TabbFORUM covering sell side institutions' role in the fixed income liquidity equation. This paper examines the technological innovations which dealers are evaluating for their firms:

  • In-house builds
  • 3rd party out-of-the-box solutions
  • Hybrid solutions of both

Contributors also detail the implications which these innovations are having on the wider fixed income market.

Doug Christensen
Doug Christensen
VP, Head of Capital Market Solutions

SS&C Tier1.

Reena Raichura
Reena Raichura
Director, Head of Product Solutions


Eugene Grinberg
Eugene Grinberg, CFA
Co-Founder & CEO


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