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Tier1CRM: Accelerate your Capital Markets Data with Plug-and-Play Technology

Nobody understands the relationship management and workflow needs of the capital market business better than the business itself. Accelerate your capital markets data with plug-and play technology to uncover the true insights and revelations to inform your best, most profitable next steps.

Tier1 provides you with out-of-the-box cube integrations, allowing you to link, incorporate, and visualize externally sourced data directly in your CRM application. Tier1’s additional layer of configurability allows clients to modify the platform to suit their individual workflows, without the risk of downtime and the adverse effect this could have on business.

The Benefits of Externally Sourced Capital Markets Data Integration

As data sources continue to grow and change it’s vital to have a space where you can gather and make sense of it. Visualization and configuration is vital for proper data analysis, and with Tier1CRM you can visualize numerous streams of data in a variety of ways for you and your teams’ benefit.

Faster, easier, and much less expensive to implement, a CRM with configuration capabilities addresses the collective needs of the business, while still allowing individual users to make changes – with minimal input and no risk. This is because any modifications are made using the application’s built-in tools – and in Tier1’s CRM these tools are specifically designed for capital markets workflows. The result is a strong, comprehensive, and holistic foundation that goes beyond the perspective of any single firm, but which can also be configured according to individual visualization preferences and workflow requirements.

At Tier1, we have decades of collective capital markets experience, which enables us to analyze the universe of client needs, identify requirements that are similar across use cases, and personas, and build a solid CRM foundation for all capital markets professionals.

To learn more about how our software solutions can help access and consolidate capital markets data and more, contact us today.