Capital Markets CRM vs. Standard CRM: 3 Key Differences and Benefits

Not all CRMs are created equal. Learn how capital markets firms address the common challenges related to technology and are doing more with fewer resources. Efficiency is critical, and CRM software provides a platform for groups across the business to drive results with unified workflows and access to client data.

In this whitepaper, we discuss the three key differences between basic CRMs and those purpose-built for the workflow and security needs of capital markets professionals. Learn how institutional salespeople, research analysts, equity and bond traders, bankers and more can:

  • Maximize revenue and business operational efficiencies by aggregating information from multiple CRMs into a single instance while applying rules-based access
  • Gain the workflow tools necessary to share critical information across a multi-coverage team in real time
  • Benefit from building with an accelerator, bringing you a few steps above the stack, instead of diverting resources to build from scratch