December 28, 2021

Traders Magazine: Outlook 2022 – Doug Christensen, Tier1 Financial Solutions

Customer relationship management platforms have shifted far beyond being what was once viewed as a digital Rolodex. Firms will find it difficult to quantify the value of interactions with only a standard CRM in place so most will not only have to upgrade to something more interoperable and specialized while others will have to embark on a complete overhaul.

Standardized platforms may appear easily customizable, but the availability of CRM software and platforms dedicated to the needs of specific industry segments, namely capital markets, has transformed how sales teams engage with their prospects and clients and has now opened a slew of new revenue-generating channels.

What is the outlook for CRM adoption amidst the evolving Capital Markets landscape in 2022? Tier1’s Senior VP, Doug Christensen joins Traders Magazine to examine what we should expect in the New Year and what will be the key catalysts for the shifting ecosystem.

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