February 03, 2022

Tier1 Financial Solutions Winter 2022 Product Release

The Tier1 Financial Solutions product team continues to provide clients with the sophisticated tools and capabilities necessary to capture critical data in the right place at the right time – helping clients maximize their time and resources to drive revenue outcomes.

Tier1CRM announces its Winter 2022 product release delivering on a prioritized product roadmap for continuous improvements and innovations. This release includes both product enhancements and new functionality to further improve the capabilities of our CRM software.

Client Center – CRM Improvements: New efficiencies and productivity enhancements

With Tier1 Client Center, we have added new and enhanced functionality CRM updates aligned to our client feedback.

  • Simplified Search providing users a centralized location to search more broadly across all contacts, accounts, and interest subjects in a single search bar.

  • Autocomplete Search will provide a list of possible matches as the user types and refreshes, and as a user refines the input, while a more comprehensive search results list will be available once the user hits enter.

  • Advanced Search will be available for users to view a more granular and flexible list of matching results in text-based search. This will allow users to easily find records with matching criteria in the search results.

  • Redesigned coverage management forms to optimize user workflows and introduce approval process so that users can request coverage directly in the CRM instead of via email or chat.

  • Multi-language: As your business grows and expands, you need to tailor your CRM to adapt to the unique needs of your users. Do you have global users who speak languages other than English? Good News! Tier1 products now have multi-language support that allows your businesses to function across different regions around the globe. Users can manage their work easier in the language that they are most comfortable with. This means that labels, headers, alerts, etc. throughout the Tier1 products could appear in the language of your choice. Administrators can have multiple CRM languages translated and configured, apart from the default of English, so that each user can use the language of their choice.

Consumption Reporting – Track revenue-driving client interactions

Tier1’s Consumption Reporting allows users to track all interaction types by client, such as emails, calls, research readership, analyst models, analyst and corporate access meetings and any other interaction type necessary, for the broker vote submission. The consumption report tools also allow our clients to curate and improve the quality of data with a rules-based engine to ensure missing and inaccurate data is identified and corrected ahead of submission. Users can upload the completed and comprehensive interactions report in the acceptable formats to the platforms their buy-side clients utilize, ensuring that the firm is compensated for every interaction.

Events Summaries – Customized event management

Tier1 Events enhanced the tools available to Event Coordinators to manage virtual attendance, reduce the complexity of managing meeting locations, and display more event and meeting information to optimize booking workflows for sales professionals. In addition, we have added a new model for travel and logistics management with the addition of ‘Trips’, replacing the previous ‘Travel Meetings’ feature in favor of a more tailored solution.

Outlook – Easily identify the most impactful communications

Tier1’s world-class Outlook plugin (TFO®) has been enhanced through our partnership with CIA Omnigage. Tier1 for Outlook has been a tool used to bridge the gap between your email workflows and CRM. This advanced integrated CRM and email tool allows you to leverage your contact data to engage quickly and effectively. The new mass email distribution engine optimizes research distribution – key for any capital market analysts. Having insight into who is consuming your research is vital to analyst allocation and revenue generation.


  • Intelligently engage your clients with a clear understanding of their research consumption.

  • Streamline contact data management. Search for a single contact or add a Client Center contact list.

  • Conveniently accessible in the Tier1 for Outlook toolbar along with our legacy functionality.

  • CRM and email integration for processing emails at greater speeds and outside volume exchange server constraints.

  • Readership Tracking – Track email readership metrics of readership to align campaigns with client interest.

To See the full product release, please request a copy here.


For more on Tier1’s CRM solution for Capital Markets and Investment Banking, or specific details on the product modules, please visit our Resource Center.