March 01, 2021

Tier1 Financial Solutions Winter 2021 Product Release

In keeping with its roadmap of continuous improvement and innovation, Tier1 Financial Solutions has announced its Winter 2021 product release. In this release, Tier1 delivers enhanced multi-regional capabilities and improved productivity-focused automation in an effort to optimize the value you receive by leveraging the Tier1 platform.

“Our Winter 2021 release includes a number of enhancements to improve user productivity and overall user experience,” said Manish Patel, COO of Tier1’s CRM business operations. “Our continued focus and roadmap priorities center on providing CRM users with a complete ‘360 degree’ view of their clients with a connected experience that support revenue-generating activities.”

What can clients expect from this release?

Create Contacts and Account on Mobile

Keep accounts and contacts up to date in real-time from your mobile device! Tier1 introduces safety mechanisms to enforce data integrity while allowing users to have the flexibility from their mobile device to create and edit client and contact data without delay.

Smart Lists

Utilize enhanced smart list capabilities built to help you target the right clients at the right time. Action priority tasks collectively as a team by collaborating via list sharing workflows, while taking advantage of automatic dynamic lists updates reflecting the latest and most accurate data.

Sharing Team Management for Administrators

Optimize your organization’s resources with Tier1’s Security Engine. Streamline team management to improve your IT support processes and response times to support the needs of your business users.

Multi-Language Support

Allow business to function seamlessly across different regions around the globe. Users can manage their work easier in the language they are most comfortable with.


For more on Tier1’s CRM solution for Capital Markets and Investment Banking, or specific details on the product modules, please visit our Resource Center.