July 23, 2021

Tier1 Financial Solutions Summer 2021 Product Release

In keeping with its roadmap of continuous improvement and innovation, Tier1 Financial Solutions has announced its Summer 2021 product release. In this release, Tier1 delivers enhanced, holistic, and comprehensive reporting capabilities with robust summary views, as well as improved collaboration capabilities across desks yielding increased revenue opportunities.

What can clients expect from this release?


Client Center Call Sheets

With Tier1 Call Sheets the research and sales organization can send client requests to the relevant people based on coverage and subsequently prioritize outreach to firm clients in a timely manner.

360 Degree View of Client Activities

Salespeople, research analysts, traders and bankers can now see a 360° calendar view of all activities including tasks, synched Outlook meetings, Call Reports and Tier1 events meetings. With a holistic and comprehensive view that is coverage based, teams can now be better informed of their clients’ activities across multiple actions, tasks, and lines of business.

Event Summaries

Tier1 Events is now surfacing critical event and meeting details in a single location to allocate meetings, and perform various event management workflows, including planning, execution, and reporting.

Mobile Dashboards

The research and sales organization can access all native reports and dashboards built using Salesforce Lightning, anytime, anywhere.

Client & Account Level Tearsheets

All Tier1 users with proper permissions enabled, can view critical market data and insights from Prospector as well as CRM interaction data in a single view that is exportable to PDF. This new enhancement eliminates the need to refer to multiple sources to obtain information on accounts, contacts, ownership, and recent interactions.

Wall Crossing Security

Wall Crosser Governance capabilities enhance the existing sharing paradigm to extend sharing of private side records to public side users with a comprehensive data sharing with a sophisticated approval and request process.


For more on Tier1’s CRM solution for Capital Markets and Investment Banking, or specific details on the product modules, please visit our Resource Center.