October 06, 2020

Tier1 Launches New Product Model and Accelerated Delivery to Address Broader Market Demand

Tier1’s enterprise CRM platform now pre-packaged, cost-effective and optimized for implementation across all capital markets and banking firms.


TORONTO and NEW YORK, October 6, 2020 – Tier1 Financial Solutions (“Tier1”), a leading client relationship management (“CRM”) technology provider for capital markets and banking, has introduced a pre-packaged delivery model for its global software solution that also reduces time-to-market to weeks instead of months. The new model meets the challenges of an evolving workplace by providing ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to secure, mobile and real-time client intelligence through which firms build more profitable business relationships.

With three product packages available that encompass a variety of modules and functionality, Tier1 has re-engineered its delivery model to ensure firms of all sizes are able to implement and go-live quickly with an out-of-the-box client relationship management platform optimized for the unique workflow needs of capital markets users. All packages will include Tier1 Core, Tier1 Mobile and Tier1 Prospector modules, allowing customers to tailor a software suite that perfectly aligns with their varying business needs while providing a robust foundation that enhances the workflows of all users.

Over the last 18 months, Tier1 has made significant investments to develop a scalable and nimble product suite that will allow investment banking, research, sales and trading professionals to capture new revenue streams and manage client interactions more efficiently. Having provided a capital markets-specific, consultant-enhanced CRM solution since the company’s launch, Tier1’s new delivery model addresses some of the industry’s top technology and relationship management concerns.

“Today marks a new beginning for Tier1 as we expand our reach to the broader market with our easier to deploy packages that allow any sized firm to benefit from our years of investment and experience in Capital Markets CRM,” said Jiro Okochi, President of Tier1 Financial Solutions. “By introducing a pre-packaged product model that democratizes Capital Markets CRM, we can improve the time-to-value for our clients not just for the smaller firms but for larger enterprises as well.”

Tier1’s CRM workflows focus on features that enable productivity, efficiency and intelligence for capital markets roles dependent on building, maintaining and growing client relationships, ensuring that communication is streamlined across the organization, optimizing client ROI, and minimizing relationship risk. Combined with Tier1’s proven capital markets grade security engine, prospecting capabilities and its expansive partnership network, Tier1’s new product delivery model addresses the primary workflow and technology concerns for large enterprises and specialist firms alike.