September 29, 2023

Why We Built Call Reports

Interaction logging is essential for most users in a capital markets CRM system. It represents about 80% of the system's usage and enables coverage teams to collaborate toward the shared success of the client. It also helps to source new revenue opportunities via cross-selling and acts as a source of consumption reporting to aggregators. However, many CRM systems seem to neglect the importance of call reports.

The truth is, recording interactions within a capital markets workflow requires multiple complex actions. Tier1 understands this and has developed a proprietary call report model. Salesforce's Interaction Summary functionality offered in FSC or simple 'call reporting' accelerators offered by larger consultancy firms do not provide the necessary workflows for capital markets. For example, the other solutions do not include interest tagging, analyst call requests, external comments, creating new contact, etc…, With Tier1, all this functionality and more is available out of the box.

Tier1 offers purpose-built call report forms for capital markets professionals that fit their personas and have workflows specifically designed to meet their complex needs. With Tier1, users can easily capture interactions, tag contacts with interests for future queries, add follow-up tasks, and define security parameters, all in one workflow.

To get the right analysis and insights from your CRM system, you need to first get the right data into it by the people that own the relationships with the client.  This won’t happen without a purpose-built interface that provides an excellent user experience, which is what Tier1 call reports do.

To learn more about Tier1's purpose-built call report forms, visit and book a demo today.

SS&C Announces Enhancements, Growth of Tier1 CRM Platform

Leading Capital Markets and Investment Banking CRM now has more than 30,000 users

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) announced enhancements to its Tier 1 CRM platform. New features include improved data insights and in-app information delivery.

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