May 13, 2019

Welcome. Meet Our Fresh, New Look.

What’s in a brand? To me, the brand is the DNA of an organization. It’s the essence. A harmonious logo, a simple yet profound corporate message, and the intricacies that comprise a well-orchestrated brand can elicit feelings of both security and optimism that resonate across an industry. That’s what we set out to do when we first began our journey.

I’m extremely proud to introduce to you our new brand, Tier1 Financial Solutions. It’s a distinct brand that evokes simplicity and sophistication amid a world of complexities that we’re working to solve. Our innovative thinking around software design brings clarity to the surface, helping to accelerate the path to success of our capital markets and banking clients.

When our company, formerly Tier1CRM, was born more than a decade ago, the financial services landscape was notably different. Back then, skeptics questioned whether the cloud was safe under high regulatory requirements. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was barely a valued term for capital markets and banking professionals. It was a time when Salesforce’s AppExchange was launched, even ahead of Apple iPhone’s App Store, manifesting the same vision we share of facilitating a multi-track innovation model and fostering an ecosystem of innovative partners.

We ventured out to provide purpose-built solutions that add value to the ever-changing, critically complex world of the capital markets industry. We expanded into markets we know deeply, broadened our spectrum of product offerings and matured our solutions. After years of enhancing our proven, scalable and flexible solutions, our company has grown and evolved, and the time couldn’t be more perfect to ensure our branding reflects the attributes we’ve worked tirelessly to attain.

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Most importantly, stay in touch. There are more great things to come from Tier1!