January 11, 2024

Tier1 Client Council NYC 2024 RECAP

By Tier1

We had a great time hosting clients at the Times Square office for our semi-annual Tier1 Client Council! There was a full day of events including product demonstrations, presentations, and plenty of opportunities for our clients to shape the future of Tier1’s solutions. Here are some highlights from the day:

Tier1 Configuration Demo
Our product consultants walked clients through the ACE Feature Registry, reviewing both no code & coded examples on how to configure the product. Our users showed up with excellent questions and walked away with new tips & tricks to make their Tier1 environment work for their firms.

Product Review & Roadmap

We reviewed recent features and discussed Tier1’s major themes for the 2024 roadmap, including:

  • A major update to Tier1's Events offering with automatic calendar sync and self-service portal add-on to help you service more clients.

  • The ability to embed PowerBI, Tableau, and other analytic connectors in Tier1 for a more advanced dashboard and analytics view.

  • Leveraging AI to search and summarize ownership and profile data and your client’s interactions for major productivity improvements.

  • More vendor integration choices on data integrations, email delivery services, interoperability, and chat.

  • Improvements to the core application to drive better adoption.

  • More resources to train your users and staff on Tier1.

  • Better web accessibility with theming, including the new dark theme support.

  • Review of the benefits of SS&C Tier1 consulting services.

Product Demos

We showcased three new & exciting product capabilities:

  1. Our partner Global Source Direct demonstrated the new research authoring and distribution tool and its integration with Tier1 preference management.

  2. Our professional services team demonstrated how to build a sample PowerBI and Tableau dashboard and embed it into Client Center.

  3. Our product management team demonstrated how clients can self-service on a branded portal, as well as how to sync between Tier1 Events and Outlook calendar.


Panel Discussion

These gentlemen had a panel discussion on the changing landscape of corporate access and sell-side services. They came with excellent insight, covering topics such as:

  • How corporate access events have slowly but surely become one of the most important vehicles for investors to connect to sell-side professionals.

  • The results of MiFID regulation, how this has impacted banks and other institutions over the past 6+ months.

  • The emerging trend of more long-only firms hosting their own conferences, offset by an increase in demand by hedge funds for access to corporates.

  • Thematic events, including bus tours and onsite visits, are growing in popularity.


Thank you to those who could make it. We look forward to seeing everyone at our next client event!