September 28, 2023

Should You DIY a CRM for Capital Markets?

Consider this scenario: You're an emerging tech innovator on Wall Street, fearlessly tackling the formidable task of creating a CRM system people will actually use. Your elite team, cutting-edge cloud platform, and minimalist MVP strategy paint a picture of success. The early victories are encouraging, but the launch exposes cracks in your approach.

The nuanced MVP approach isn't universally grasped by the user base, and the tide of user requests, feedback, and issues outpace your support system. Prioritizing doesn't keep the chaos at bay, and your client and contact data begins to get messy as people find ways to get their contacts into the system and bypass your validation rules. Phase 2 lags, user requests mount, and adoption drops. The unwavering demands derail your roadmap, and Phase 2 stalls even further.

Your cry for reinforcements meets a financial low tide, leading to a leaner tech team. Those left behind anticipate further reductions to your department and abandon ship, leaving you at the helm of a diminished crew.

How did things go so wrong? You planned every detail you could think of and thought you had all your bases covered. Well, the key to a CRM's success lies in user perception, quality of data, and management buy-in. It'll gather dust if it's deemed cumbersome or unproductive if users do not trust the data, and if it’s missing the core functionality users (especially demanding capital markets users), expect on day 1.

An effective CRM for Capital Markets should deliver a slick and intuitive user experience, pre-loaded with meaningful client and prospect data that fuels sales. The system needs clear guidelines from management, regular functionality updates to keep pace with changes on the Street, and a roadmap for anticipated improvements. Full coverage team engagement instills the confidence of a comprehensive view of their clients.

Now consider the alternative: What if you invested in a robust, industry-proven CRM solution? The Tier1 Capital Markets CRM solution is tailored explicitly for investment banking and market users. It boasts persona-based workflows, including a marketing events calendar, list management, research subscription, telephony, Outlook plugin, and mobile solution. It's designed to drive the success of your team with a ready-to-go, comprehensive package, fostering collaboration while providing industry-leading security. This will allow you and your team to focus on selling.

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