June 03, 2024

Introducing Tier1's New Positioning for Capital Markets & Banking: Interview with Doug Christensen, VP SS&C Tier1

By Tier1

Tell us about Tier1’s new positioning in the market? Tier1 is thrilled to unveil its new market positioning: ‘Beyond CRM: Data, Analytics, Consulting’.

While traditionally recognized as a CRM provider, Tier1 now offers a comprehensive suite of solutions including Data, Analytics, and Consulting. Recently, we've expanded by partnering with Global Source Direct (GSD) for research publishing and distribution.

Moreover, Tier1 has solidified its thought leadership, by publishing the whitepaper titled “6 Best Practices for Data Integration”. (Access report here.)

Douglas Christensen, VP of SS&C Tier1 Capital Markets, emphasizes Tier1's role as a strategic partner for the Capital Markets and Banking industry:

"Our client management tools empower users to enhance efficiency, save time, money, and strengthen customer relationships. Additionally, our data, insights and analytics equip our clients with the depth of client intelligence to provide a competitive edge and increase revenue per client.”

What prompted Tier1 to introduce this new market positioning?

The CRM market landscape is fragmented, with competitors offering disparate, industry-specific solutions that come with limitations. Tier1 aims to demonstrate that "Not all CRMs are created equal." We stand out by providing a robust CRM solution that accommodates all lines of business and asset classes, along with critical customer insights through innovative technologies tailored for the specific needs of Capital Markets and Banking professionals.

This new positioning aligns with our current strategy while allowing for future growth. It ensures that clients leverage the full ecosystem offering of Tier1 to maximize their investment.

Can you elaborate on the depth and breadth of Tier1’s expanding offering? What’s new for 2024?
Tier1's offering is expanding in depth and breadth, encompassing advanced data integrations, sophisticated insights, analytics, and consulting services. From a product perspective, we're constantly rolling out new features and functionalities. Following the acquisition by SS&C we are seeing the benefits of investments into our business.

We have significantly enhanced our Events product, delivering efficiencies through features like calendar synchronization and a more streamlined booking management process. We have also improved Outlook integration and introduced a new client portal to host and advertise upcoming events directly to clients, with visibility controls to target the right audience. Looking ahead this year, we are excited to introduce AI technology to simplify information access and streamline presentations. The early results of our Beta offering are promising, and we plan to expand this product further. We are dedicated to delivering value beyond the CRM with tools that clients use every day.

What is your vision for the future, and how will Tier1 continue to innovate and deliver on its customer promise?
Tier1 aims to become a strategic ally throughout the customer engagement and insights journey, enabling clients to save time, resources, and make informed decisions while fostering stronger revenue-generating relationships. Our approach involves active engagement with clients through various channels such as Client Councils, annual surveys, and onsite workshops, allowing us to grasp their evolving needs and tailor our roadmap accordingly.

This commitment has led us to reinvest in our consultative practices. We believe true innovation comes from collaborative discussions with our clients, where we collectively devise real-world solutions to address their challenges. Moving away from isolated product development, we prioritize partnership with our clients, recognizing that our collaborative efforts drive meaningful innovation.

For further information, please contact Christian Ruppenstein at Christian.ruppenstein@sscinc.com or visit www.tier1fin.com.