May 06, 2020

Capital Market Cloud Services: The Workspace of the Future

Over the last few years, many sell side firms have begun what they call a ‘digital transformation’ to allow them to better leverage technology to serve their customers, reaping the benefits of new technology like capital market cloud services. Several have said that a goal of this journey is to provide their teams with a “workplace for the future.”

We’ve long believed that a core component of the “workplace for the future” expands past the normal desk and desktop setup we’ve become accustomed to. Rather, it brings the desktop experience to a more mobile environment.

The past several years of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis have forced businesses to test their remote work preparedness in far more robust ways than any time in the past. Most professionals in the finance industry have a personal laptop or desktop computer that they are now leveraging to “remote” login to their work computers. Some have had to purchase new hardware to be able to remote in, or even bring hardware home from the office to maintain the ability to do their jobs.

While these are ‘make-do’ solutions, in many cases it is not a true, cloud-based, mobile experience.

What Can Capital Market Cloud Services and Mobile Devices Bring to Your Firm?

  • Meeting Preparedness – in person & virtually
  • Sharing Information about Client Interactions while “On-The-Go”
  • Staying Connected “Off the Desktop”

Meeting Preparedness – In Person & Virtually

Preparation for client meetings is a prerequisite for success. A cloud-based mobile solution should provide ‘out-of-the-box’ views for key summary information about clients and contacts. It will let you see what tickers/companies/topics the client has been speaking with your teams about. It will enable you to review what resources have been delivered to the client, such as Corporate Access meetings or analyst calls. With true mobility, you can track outstanding issues or deals that are being worked on, and have the confidence that the real-time data you are using will drive your conversations towards better business outcomes.

Sharing Information about Client Interactions while “On-The-Go”

This industry lives “on-the-go.” Whether traveling to new cities to see clients and make deals, running between buildings from client to client in an afternoon, or balancing life and work in today’s remote environment. Mobile and cloud computing solutions in capital markets and investment banking are no longer a luxury. In today’s fast paced market they are must have technology.

A mobile ‘desktop’ should allow users to enter details about client interactions – and share those details with their coverage team partners in real-time. How many more trades would be made if real-time intelligence was shared even when people were off the desk? How many ideas for next best steps towards a deal would be able to be actioned faster if people were ‘in-the-know’ right after a conversation?

Staying Connected “Off the Desktop”

Investment bankers, research analysts, and salespeople all use mobile devices (including iPads & Microsoft Surface tablets) for all of their business needs. Some of these users are frequent travelers, while others are early technology adopters. Regardless of reason, the world is moving towards an increasingly mobile business experience, so it’s become more important for users to stay connected with their clients and co-workers to drive more positive outcomes in their respective lines of business. That’s why Mobile continues to be an area of heavy investment at Tier1. After all, it’s the true ‘desktop of the future’.


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