May 19, 2021

A 360° View CRM for Actionable Insights

Regardless of organizational type, size or sector, all businesses and their employees rely on workflows. From securing the deal of the decade to processing the monthly payroll, workflows are created whenever data moves across a firm.

The higher the volume of data a business processes, the more connected it must be to ensure it is actionable for end-users. Integrating these workflows is therefore essential for increasing operational efficiency, strengthening collaboration, and avoiding missed opportunities.

A 360° View CRM vs. A Standard CRM: Which is Best?

With data, information and insights coming from multiple vendors and market data providers, workflows of capital markets businesses are more complex than ever. A standard CRM will only be able to provide a reactive view of this data, limiting users to just what they searched for as opposed to what they need.

To deliver true, proactive insights, a 360-degree view of prospects, leads, clients, deals and opportunities in real-time, the CRM must be able to put data to use in smart workflows, integrating market data with the firm’s proprietary data and interactions, and translate this into monetizable intelligence.

This is especially important in an industry in which account coverage may involve many individuals across the organization where the window of opportunity is often brief. Sales, analysts and traders may all have skin in the game, so collaboration is vital and next steps need to be decisive, fast and profitable. Missed opportunities means lost revenue and if you’re not talking to your clients and prospects, another broker will.

Actionable Insights for Capital Markets

In capital markets, a standard CRM – which may still rely on manual input to some degree – will only get a firm so far. To increase collaboration, maximize every opportunity and grow the business, the CRM needs to drive revenue-generating actions rather than simply serving as a data repository. To achieve this, analytical insights need to be added to the mix. This is when the CRM shifts from being reactive to proactive, working for the business and making sure your premium data starts paying you back.

In addition to providing prompted insights and identifying opportunities that would likely otherwise be missed, a smart CRM that is fully integrated across various lines of business allows the firm to measure client success by understanding the value their desks are deriving from their interactions with clients. It also enables the business to gain a clearer picture of its internal productivity and performance through analytics and reporting to team managers.

By automating and integrating workflows across the organization, a purpose-built capital markets CRM increases collaboration and supports key revenue growth. It also creates firm-wide operational efficiencies, and reduces the overall IT burden – a proposition that will appeal to any resource-strapped head of IT.

Revenue doesn’t come from simply viewing data. An advanced, purpose-built sell-side CRM can help you action on it.


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